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Please visit our web site often to stay informed on national issues and events affecting the disability community.

The Consortium for Constituents with Disabilities
820 First Street, NE, Ste. 740
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 567-3516 phone
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CCD Responses

CCD and Disability and Aging Collaborative letter  to Congressional leadership opposing cuts or changes that limit funding to Medicaid. Consortium for Constituents with Disabilities [Letter]. April 20, 2023

Resources & Statements

Opinion: The GOP wants to put work requirements on Medicaid recipients. That could be devastating for thousands of Americans. Mia Ives-Rublee, CNN [Op-Ed]. May 16, 2023

“Unfit” to work? How Medicaid Work Requirements Hurt People with Disabilities. National Health Law Program (NHeLP) [Brief]. May, 2023

Helping Those on HCBS Waiting Lists: Positive Impacts of the ACA. National Health Law Program (NHeLP) [Brief]. May, 2023

How Funding and Eligibility Cuts to Medicaid Harm Response Efforts to Public Health Crises. National Health Law Program (NHeLP) [Brief]. May, 2023

Advocacy Guide for Debt Ceiling Negotiations. Autism Society and the Association of University Centers on Disability [Toolkit]. May 2023

McCarthy Bill Would Radically Change Disability Standards for Medicaid and Reduce Coverage for Persons with Disabilities. Georgetown University Health Policy Institute Center for Children and Families [Blog]. May 1, 2023

Medicaid Work Requirements: Red Tape That Would Cut Health Coverage for Older Adults. Justice in Aging [Fact Sheet]. April 2023

NHeLP Decries Debt Ceiling Vote. National Health Law Program (NHeLP) [Statement]. April 27, 2023

ASAN Condemns Medicaid Funding Cuts and Work Requirements in House Debt Ceiling Proposal. Autistic Self Advocacy Network [Statement]. April 27, 2023

Medicaid and People with Mental Health Disabilities: What You Need to Know about Medicaid and Why it is Important to Save It. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law [Explainer]. April 27, 2023

NDSC Letter of Concern on Limit, Save, Grow Act. National Down Syndrome Congress [Letter]. April 25, 2023

Medicaid Work Requirement in Debt Ceiling Bill Puts People With Disabilities at Grave Risk. The Arc [Statement]. April 26, 2023

Top 10 Reasons Why Speaker McCarthy’s Work Requirements Are Bad for Medicaid. National Health Law Program (NHeLP) [Brief]. April 26, 2023

Proposed Medicaid Work Requirements are Another Dangerous Attack on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Justice. National Health Law Program (NHeLP) [Blog]. April 21, 2023 

Work Requirements are a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea for Medicaid. National Health Law Program (NHeLP) [Blog]. April 20, 2023

Faces of Medicaid Expansion. National Health Law Program (NHeLP) [Updated Brief]. April 20, 20

NHeLP Condemns and Prepares to Fight Proposed Cuts to Medicaid National Health Law Program (NHeLP) [Statement]. April 17, 2023

Hart Research Medicaid and Work Requirements Polling and Message Testing - includes key talking points on taking Medicaid away from people who do not meet new work requirements, particularly the impact on adults age 50-65 and chronically ill or disabled people. Caring Across Generations [Research Memo]. April 13, 2023

#SaveMedicaid Talking points and a digital toolkit for use in statements, communications, and across digital channels. Caring Across Generations [Toolkit]. April 2023

Save Medicaid petition to share with grassroots on protecting Medicaid in these negotiations. Caring Across Generations [Petition]. April 2023

House Republicans’ Pledge to Cut Appropriated Programs to 2022 Level Would Have Severe Effects, Particularly for Non-Defense Programs. The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities [Brief]. March 24, 2023

Protecting Medicaid 2023 & Debt Ceiling Resources. National Health Law Program (NHeLP) [Fact Sheets]. March 16, 2023