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Protecting Medicaid and the ACA

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2016 Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities Co-Chairs

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Autism, Developmental Disabilities and Family Support
Annie Acosta    The Arc
Samantha Crane  ASAN       
Esme Grant  NACDD
Jill Kagan NRC
Cindy Smith  NACDD
Stuart Spielman  AS
Lindsay Jones NCLD
Laura Kaloi  CPAA
Amanda Lowe NDRN
Kim Musheno AUCD
Cindy Smith NACDD
Employment and Training
Kelly Buckland NCIL
Alicia Epstein SourceAmerica
Aaron Kaufman Jewish Federation of North America  
Phillip Paul Respectability
Financial Security
Dara Baldwin NDRN
Maty Ford The Arc
Susan Goodman NDSC
Sarah Meek LSA
Chris Rodriguez NDI
Fiscal Policy
Annie Acosta The Arc
Donna Meltzer  NACDD
Kim Musheno  AUCD
Bethany Lilly BCMHL
David Machledt NHELP
Peter Thomas  BIAA
Julie Ward The Arc
Andrew Sperling  NAMI
TJ Sutcliffe The Arc
Long Term Services and Supports
Alison Barkoff Center for Public Representation
Dan Berland NASDDDS
Nicole Jorwic The Arc of the United States
Sarah Meek LSA
Laura Weidner NMSS
Poverty Ad Hoc    
Lisa Ekman NOSSCR
Chris Rodriguez NDI
TJ Sutcliffe The Arc
Regulatory Reform Ad Hoc
Lisa Ekman NOSSCR
Dara Baldwin NDRN
Samantha Crane ASAN
Sandy Finucane EF
Jennifer Mathis BCMHL
Mark Richert   AFB 
Social Security
Lisa Ekman NOSSCR
Kate Lang Justice in Aging
Jeanne Morin NADR
Web Phillips  NCPSSM
TJ Sutcliffe The Arc
Technology and Communications
Leif Brierley POWERS
Michael Brogioli RESNA
Eric Buehlmann NDRN
Audrey Busch ATAP
Mark Richert     AFB
Dara Baldwin NDRN
TANF AD Hoc    
TJ Sutcliffe The Arc
Sharon McDonald NAEH
Heather Ansley  PVA
Maynard Friesz  ES
Susan Prokop  PVA