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The CCD Social Security Task Force focuses on disability policy issues in the Title II disability programs and the Title XVI Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. The SSI and Title II cash benefits, along with the related Medicaid and Medicare benefits, are the means of survival for millions of individuals with severe disabilities. They rely on SSA to promptly and fairly adjudicate their applications for disability benefits and to handle many other actions critical to their well-being. The Social Security Task Force’s policy agenda focuses on:

  • Ensuring that the impact on people with disabilities is considered and their interests are protected in Social Security and SSI policy debates.
  • Advocating that SSA’s administrative budget be adequately funded so that SSA has sufficient resources for personnel and service needs.
  • Monitoring proposed changes to the disability claims process.
  • Advocating for legislation, regulations, and policy changes to improve, simplify, and update the Social Security and SSI disability programs, including work incentives.
  • Maximizing employment opportunities for current and future disability beneficiaries while also doing no harm to existing critical income supports.


Social Security Task Force
Letter to SSA on auto OP waivers 030521.pdf
The undersigned members of the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) and allies write to urge SSA to waive all overpayments that arose during the pandemic automatically, without requiring individuals to request waivers. This is the most efficient method for SSA and for affected individuals. In these cases, demanding recovery of an overpayment debt and requiring individuals to go through any kind of waiver process would be unfair.
(March 5,  2021) - Download [ PDF ]
Social Security Task Force
Letter to Congressional Committee
We (cochairs of the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities) Social Security Task Force appreciate the information you have been able to gather about SSA operations during the pandemic, and know that it has been helpful in improving customer service during this very challenging year.
(March 1,  2021) - Download [ PDF ]
Social Security Task Force
Response from SSA Commissioner Saul to the SS task force’s letter on the Social Security task
Thank you for your October 23, 2020 letter on the status of continuing disability review (CDR) processing during the COVID-19 national public health emergency. We share your commitment to ensuring that our CDR process is fair and efficient, and we have implemented procedures to safeguard the rights of beneficiaries and respond to the unique challenges presented by COVID- 19.
(January 15,  2021) - Download [ PDF ]
Social Security Task Force
Annual Report - Social Security Task Force
(January 8,  2021) - Download [ PDF ]
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